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Free Black & Chinese – Travis Scott & Quavo Ringtone

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Black & Chinese – Travis Scott & Quavo Ringtone Free Download

"Black & Chinese" is the second track of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, Quavo and Travis Scott talk about drugs and their lavish lifestyles.
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Lyrics Black & Chinese Ringtone:

Black and Chinese, meds on relieve (yeah!)
Pop it for me please, hands on your knees (pop it, pop it)
Came up out the trees, everything achieved (cash)
Blessed me with the keys, never want to leave, yeah
Lambo drivin', you pedestrian (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, ten hundred thousand, apply the pressure (alright!)
Yeah she couldn't drive it, she took a Tesla (it's lit!)
Told her wrap around me just like a necklace (yeah!)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
These not 40 pointers
Drippin' like quarter water (water)
Really don't see you sorta (sorta)
Movin' in and out the border (border)
Really ain't taking orders (orders)
Livin' a dangerous life (life)
He'll try to melt the ice (ice)
Levitate through the night (night)

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