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American Teen - Khalid Ringtone Free Download 

American Teen” is the title track of Khalid’s debut album, released March 3, 2017. It’s the seventh single taken from the album.

The song “American Teen", Khalid sings about the joys of being a teenager having fun with friends, partying and graduating high school. This song perfectly describes the temporary nature of youth. It begins with a beeping alarm, and then opens with the lyrics.

The lyrics speak the truth, and almost everyone can relate to at least one of his songs. The beats are extremely catchy, and the soulfulness of Khalid’s voice fits perfectly with each and every song.

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Lyric American Teen Ringtone - Khalid 

Oh, I'm from the city of the 9-1-5
Where all the girls are pretty
And they're down for the hype
All my boys are with me
Going up for the night
But who cares, who cares
'Cause this is our year

So wake me up in the spring
While I'm high off my American dream


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