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"Hate The Way I Love You" is 2nd single released on October 26th by Swedish-pop star Loreen, planned to be included in her upcoming sophomore album titled "RIDE".

Lyrically, the song is an ode to a love-hate relationship with her significant other. She confesses she is “a mess” because of this love, a love strong enough to make her feel like dying in their absence.

"Hate The Way I Love You", like the rest of the music in this exciting and experimental time for Loreen, is a complex production. Kicking off in a near-whisper, or what sounds like a regrettable 4 AM voicemail, the track slowly builds to Björk-esque heights in a 6-and-a-half minute epic. 


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Redeye night
Got me 'til the sunrise
Shoot me down
'Cause I believe in your lies
We fight, make up
Love until the sun's up
So high, crash down
Then try to find a way up

What if I told you
I die a thousand times
Everytime you leave me here
I hold my breath through the night
You're the reason I'm a mess
I gotta get you out
I hate the way I love you
But I love you

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