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Download Free Hooked - Why Don't We Ringtone

"Hooked" is a song by American pop boyband, Why Don't We. Is the second single from Why Don’t We’s debut album. It was released on June 7, 2018.

The song  "Hooked" describes someone who shows a tendency of staying in a relationship despite its toxic nature. Now, you can download Hooked - Why Don't We ringtone at here! Good fun!

Hooked Ringtone Lyrics:

[Pre-Chorus: Zach Herron]
Everybody says I'm sleeping with the enemy
I don't even care if you're gonna be the death of me, me, me

[Chorus: Jack Avery & All]
You've got a bad reputation in my neighborhood
You drive me mad with temptation 'cause it tastes so good
You know I wouldn't walk away even if I could
It took one night, one try, ayy
Damn, I'm hooked

[Post-Chorus: All & Daniel Seavey]
Ooh, I'm hooked
Ooh, I'm hooked (brrr- ah, pa, pa)

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