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Ringtone I'm the One:

Quavo! I'm the one that hit that same spot (hit it)
She the one that bring them rain drops (rain drops)
We go back, remember criss-cross and hopscotch? (hopscotch)
You the one that hold me down when the block's hot (hot)
I make your dreams come true when you wake up (dream)
And your look's just the same without no make-up
Had to pull up on your mama, see what you're made of (mama)
Ain't gotta worry 'bout them commas 'cause my cake up
You can run inside my life from that fame bus
'Cause I promise when we step out you'll be famous
Modern day Bonnie and Clyde what they named us
'Cause when we pull up—prr prr—all angles

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