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Download Land Of A Million Songs - Luke Bryan Ringtone Free

"Land of a Million Songs" is the song by American country singer and songwriter, Luke Bryan. It was released on December 8, 2017, from the Album What Makes You Country. The song was written by Jody Stevens, Jeff Stevens & Luke Bryan; produced by Jody Stevens & Jeff Stevens.

“Land Of A Million Songs" tells the story and the struggles of Nashville songwriters and Nashville artists. To call Nashville the "Land of a Million Songs", it’s probably the land of ten million songs when you look at the history and the heroes.

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Ringtone Land Of A Million Songs:

And the words you wrote were running from her eyes
Down on the paper, made you feel so alive
So you packed up your pickup and crossed that Tennessee line

You're always searching for a little something different to say
And the Bible from a woman who's standing on the stage
You get told you're fitting in, you get told you don't belong
You drink too much in a smokey little bar downtown
Stumble home when it's time to throw in the towel
Wake up in the morning, look out, and the sunlight hurts
Find your old guitar, write down another verse
In the land of a million songs

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