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Download Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes Ringtone Free

"Mo Bamba" is a single by American rapper Sheck Wes. It was released by Cactus Jack Records, GOOD Music, Interscope Records and Polydor Records.

"Mo Bamba" was produced by 16yrold and production duo Take a Daytrip. The song was a sleeper hit. It went viral in mid-2018, approximately a year after its release.

The song is named after Orlando Magic player Mo Bamba, who grew up with Sheck Wes in his Harlem, New York neighborhood.

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Mo Bamba Ringtone:

Oh! Fuck! Shit! Bitch! (Huh)
Yeah, it's Sheck Wes and I'm gettin' really rich (Ching-ching)
See how I caught it 'cause I'm really with the shits (Ping-ping)
See me in the streets and I be really with a (Cling, cling), with a
Bad bitch (Bitch), niggas straight rockin' (Rock)
Niggas straight see me, when they see me, they be coppin' (What?)
I'm the best drug dealer, nigga, come and cop it (Got it)
Young Sheck Wes, I'm like the fuckin' Green Goblin (Hahahaha)

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