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Free Modern Slavery – Travis Scott & Quavo Ringtone Ringtone

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Free Download Modern Slavery – Travis Scott & Quavo Ringtone 

Download Modern Slavery – Travis Scott & Quavo ringtone for free. The mp3 ringtone file ready to play and download.
“Modern Slavery” starts off the highly anticipated collaboration album between Travis Scott and Quavo. The duo draw parallels between slavery that occurred in America hundreds of years ago, and the notion that they are enslaved to life’s luxuries such as nice cars, fine jewelry, and tripping on drugs.

Modern Slavery Ringtone:

[Chorus: Quavo & Travis Scott]
All these damn chains, modern slavery (ice)
But this ain't 1800 so they pay me (cash)
Uh, yuh, shaking my demons off (shake 'em)
Dippin' my dreams in sauce (dreams)
Never been food for sharks (nope)
Wrist like fins on dolphins (splash)
Pop hella bands and I'm paid (oh yeah)
Whip got a switch, I go brainless (oh yeah)
Sip after sip, I feel painless (oh yeah)

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