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Free Pills & Automobiles – Chris Brown Ringtone

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Pills & Automobiles Ringtone

Bitch, you outta line, why you waste my time?
I'm tryna smoke, tryna get high, see it in my eyes
I know she playin' both sides, that bitch tellin' lies
But my dick give her a high, she down for the ride
Them hatin' bitches kill the vibe, fuck it, live your life
Bad bitches in Hawaii, umbrella with ice
10 bad bitches on my side, make 'em all my wife
Smokin' on the finest ganja, she like China white

[Bridge: Chris Brown]
Poppin' all these pills she said she used to it
She wanna go way up, okay baby, if you used to it
And I know that you a grown woman
And I know that you know what you're doing

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Yo Gotti]
Wet, wet, wet, wet (yeah)
Wet, wet, wet, wet (I-I-I, I am)
Wet, wet, wet, wet
Wet, wet, oh baby

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