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Free Post & Delete – Zoey Dollaz, Chris Brown Ringtone

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Post & Delete Ringtone

I've been drinking so much champagne (wow)
See me swerving in the Wraith (yeah)
She act like I'm her chauffeur (yeah)
She want a standing ovation (yeah)
Yeah, tryna be part of that wave (wave)
Commas as if we conversate (conversate)
Tryna throw it in my face (face)
Tryna get me out my game, I say

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Post and delete, yeah (wow)
Post and delete, ha (yeah)
Post and delete, yeah
Woah, woah, post and delete, hit it
Post and delete, (yeah) indecisive (wow)
Post and delete, (wow)
Post and delete, (yeah, wow)
Post and delete

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