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Privacy Ringtone Free Download - Chris Brown

"Privacy" is a song by American singer Chris Brown and it was written by Jim Stewart, D.A. Doman and Chris Brown; produced by David Doman.

The song is a R-rated sex-drenched single about Chris and his girl, in the joys of sex and lust. It is also an interpolation of the 90’s reggae jam “Tight Up Skirt” by Red Rat.

"Privacy" was released by RCA Records on March 24, 2017, it's the third single from his eighth studio album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon.

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Lyrics Privacy Ringtone - Chris Brown

You know your panties never getting in the way
You know I kinda like it, when you make me work for it

Ay you, gal, with all the tight up skirt
Get that ass in the bed, I'ma lock the door
Shake that ass like boom shakalacka, boom shakalacka (boom, boom)
We don't need nobody watching us (yikes!)
No eyes but your eyes
Ain't nobody here but you and me
Licking your private parts (Boom shakalacka, hahaha)
And I know you love your privacy

You don't need a shower, you already wet
Know that pussy power, telling me, I ain't ready yet
I say, "Fuck it," face my fears, baby
When I lick it, I put tears in it
Put my face in it, eat it like a dinner date
You know I love foreplay, 12 play, everything
Know my lovin' don't change
I don't really give a fuck what a hater say
'Cause you fine, baby
And it's alright 'cause you're all mine, baby, ooh, hoo

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