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Free Rain Come Down – Vince Staples Ringtone

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Rain Come Down Ringtone:

I'm the man, ten toes in the street
I'm the blood on the leaves, I'm the nose in the Sphinx
Where I'm from we don't go to police
Where I'm from we don't run, we just roll with the heat
I'm the back of the bus, take a seat
Take a ride on the side where we die in the street
And the cops don't come for some weeks
No, the cops don't come for some weeks
Ride in the drop top, son, why think?
Might get JFK'd, hope not I prayeth
If so, ain't no thang to a G
I feel just like Snoop on Andre Day
I run North Side of the beach
Run these streets like Ali Bomaye
I'm Lou' Bourgeois on the beat
Best bet, try not to compete
When the sun go down
When the jay go 'round
In the middle of the night
Bet your girl goes down
Rain come down

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