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Free Right Now – Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz Ringtone

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Download Right Now - Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz Ringtone Free

“Right Now” is a song marks the first collaboration between both Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz. The song was produced by JUNKX, Steve Mac & Robin Schulz.

The upbeat dance single tells the story of two lovers who want to be together, but may be afraid to make the commitment as they do not know or trust the other persons intentions. In order to get together, they aim to prove themselves to one another and gain their trust.

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Right Now Ringtone:

Every time you go away, you're always tryna fight
How bad I want you, bad I want you
I could try to fill the space with someone else tonight
But I don't want to (I don't want to), I don't want to

Right now, you know I miss your body
So I won't kiss nobody until you come back home
And I swear, the next time that I hold you
I won't let you go nowhere
You'll never be alone, I'll never let you go

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