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Special Love Ringtone:

And when it's real, it never fade away
And stay on hold like it's layaway
Everyday our status isn't healthy, it's just day to day
I wonder, do we make each other better or do we take away?
Yeah, now every time we fight you always cry and get your scream on
You ask me if I need someone to love or just to lean on
The pressure is intense when you tryna be a phenom
I'm carrying my dreams out to infinity and beyond
Just hash it on my chest, told DJ "Put a beat on"
This other shit between us, I'm not even tryna speak on
I know you said if I fuck up again then you would be gone
Not tryna be that person I just run over and cheat on
And when this shit gets too real, why every time I run?
And why I always drink too much? And what I'm tryna hide from?
I really need some peace of mind, like, I'm just tryna find some
And I'm just tryna keep you here regardless of the outcome
(You know)
Don't let me, don't let me go (yeah, uh)
'Cause I need your special love (uh)
Don't let me, don't let me go (yeah, uh)
'Cause I need that special love

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