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Free Sweetener – Ariana Ringtone

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Sweetener - Ariana Ringtone Free Download

"Sweetener" is the sixth and title track from Ariana Grande's fourth studio album with the same name. It was released on August 17, 2018 through Republic Records. "Sweetener" was written and produced by Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande.

The song’s meaning is about bringing a positive vibe or improving a situation that is at its worth. Now, you can download Sweetener - Ariana ringtone at here! Good fun!

Lyrics Sweetener Ringtone:

When life deals us cards
Make everything taste like it is salt
Then you come through like the sweetener you are
To bring the bitter taste to a halt

And then you get it, get it, get it, get it (ayy)
Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it (ayy)
Flip it, flip it, flip it
You make me say oh, oh (sheesh, sheesh)
Twist it, twist it, twist it, twist it
Mix it and mix it and mix it and mix it
Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it
You make me say oh, oh (sheesh, sheesh)

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