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Free Tennessee Rain – Addison Agen Ringtone

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Free Tennessee Rain – Addison Agen Ringtone Download

Artist: Addison Agen
Released: 2017
Category: Pop

Addison Agen delivered a performance of “Tennessee Rain” on The Voice Finale for her original song. Jennifer Hudson said that Addison is music. Jennifer said that to know when to quiet the notes and to be passionate about the song. Jennifer said Addison was born to be a star.

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Adam Levine said that this song and all the other songs have all represent who Addison is. Adam said that at the end of the day that they have done it on their terms and have set up Addison for the best for her future. Adam said that he can’t imagine a better example than Addison for daughters all around the world to inspire them to be singers. Adam said he is proud of Addison and what happens tomorrow does not reflect who she is as a person or what will happen for her.

Tennessee Rain Ringtone Lyrics:

Nobody showed me, nobody told me
What to do when the story turned out wrong
Or how a heart does its mending, without the perfect ending
The one I always thought would come along
He had his own ideas of where this love was going
He wasn't leaving it up to the hands of fate.

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