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YNS Ringtone

Ouu, what's up with that neck, hoe?
Ouu, suck it 'till she got that strep throat
Ouu, what's up with that check, hoe?
I got it, main reason why I flex, hoe
I'm with it all, always involved, pistol by my draws
Hood nigga, in love, pistol with my broad
Shake my head, I mean that nigga trip my car alarm
Off that Patron, I be feelin' like, "Fuck all y'all!"
Told that bitch don't trust me
Told that bitch don't love me
Told that bitch I'm ratchet
Told that bitch just fuck me
These popos and these rap niggas fuck with gangbangers and trap niggas
I don't shake hands, I don't dap niggas
I just hold this MAC, nigga

[Hook: Blac Youngsta & YG]
Shoot up the spot
Run from the cop
Fuck on a thot
Go rob the spot
Go buy a watch
Young nigga shit, we all we got, yeah (4Hunnid)
Buy a drop
Whippin' the rock, stash the dope, white in my sock
I hope my ex get hit by a car
Fuck that bitch, yeah
I'ma burn your cap and fuck your friend, hoe
I don't really smile, I just grin, hoe
Touch you toes, bend it over
I gotta burn your throat, or you gotta roll

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