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Ringtone You Already Know

Yo, ayo, let it go, let's go
I keep a bar like Esco
I wanna ball, where the nets go?
I'm on stage, you can stand where the guests go
Bitches is my sons, they don’t wanna leave the nest, though
They like, aw, where the ref go?
I-I got these hoes scared to pass, I got that intercept flow
I made a movie like Seth Rog'
And since I came in the game, they careers on death row
Damn, they ain't seen young Nicki in a week
Five shows, made three millie in a week
You are now looking at the the best, the elite
Too bad you can't go and invest in critiques
I’m thick and petite, tell 'em quick, pick a seat
I pull up in a Ghost, no sheets, trick or treat
I know they on E, but I don't give a F, though
Bad attitude, but my pussy is the best, though

[Chorus: Fergie]
Life's a movie, let the camera roll
Fast life moving, ain't no going slow
That's right, baby, you already know
You already know, hope you're ready
Ready, steady, steady, rocking

[Post-Chorus: Fergie]
This is how I do, this is how I do
This is how I do, this is how I do

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